X Conferência Anual do HCP

Nov 27, 2019

X Conferência Anual do HCP


HCP's X Annual Conference | "Unveiling the Future of Health and Care"

Information & Registration
Registration to the HCP's X Annual Conference is free, but mandatory, limited to the capacity of the auditorium and subject to confirmation.

Conference venue:
Centro de Congressos de Lisboa
Praça das Indústrias, 1
1300-307 Lisboa
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08:20 AM


09:00 AM

Opening session

Salvador de Mello | President, HCP

João Neves | Secretary of State Assistant and of Economy

Dulce Salzedas | Journalist, SIC

09:50 AM

Vision 2030: Unveiling the Future of Health and Care, in Portugal and in the World
▪ Short video presentation of the main conclusions of a study commissioned by the Health Cluster Portugal to the Boston Consulting Group

10:00 AM

Value-based healthcare

Keynote speaker:
Stefan Larsson | Board Member and Founder, ICHOM; Senior Partner and Managing Director, BCG

Discussion topics:
▪ What role for value-based healthcare in the present and in the future of the Health sector and industries?
▪ From real-world evidence to real-world innovation: the potential of using data to bring more quality, effectiveness and safety to health and care.
▪ Potential impacts of value-based healthcare on the sustainability of health systems.
▪ Main barriers and challenges in implementing value-based healthcare and how to overcome them.

Joaquim Murta | Professor, FMUC; Director of Service of Ophthalmology, CHUC

Marta Soares | Clinical Director, IPO Porto

10:50 AM

Coffee break

11:20 AM

Tech-enabled healthcare

Keynote speaker:
João Seabra | Global Head of Enterprise Services, President, Siemens Healthineers

Discussion topics:
▪ What role for technologies in health and care and what will the future bring us ("horizon scanning").
▪ Technology vs Healthcare Professional vs Patient: tech-enabled healthcare as a way to empower citizens and engage them in the management of their own health.
▪ Potential impacts of tech-enabled healthcare on the sustainability of health systems.
▪ Main barriers and challenges in the adoption of innovative technologies and how to overcome them.

Filipa Fixe | Executive Board Member, Glintt

José Pedro Almeida | Data Intelligence Director, Unilabs Portugal

12:10 PM

Open innovation

Keynote speaker:
Lorena MacNaughtan | Associate Director, Events & Media Content, HIMSS International (Pitchs from Filipa Bernardo, Head of Evidence Generation at AstraZeneca and Ricardo Correia, Professor and Entrepeneur at CINTESIS and Universidade do Porto)

Discussion topics:
▪ What role for open innovation in the future of the Health sector and industries?
▪ Open innovation in practice: one size fits all? How should the organisations of the scientific and technological system and startups position themselves to take full advantage of the opportunities represented by the open innovation programs of global companies.
▪ Open innovation as a way to promote citizen's participation in research and innovation processes.
▪ Potential impacts of open innovation on the sustainability of health systems.

Cristina Campos | CPO Head & Country President, Novartis Portugal

João Martins | Partner, Pathena 

01:00 PM


02:30 PM

Patient 2.0

Keynote speaker:
Fernando Araújo | President, CHUSJ

Discussion topics:
▪ Who is the Patient 2.0? How does he/she interact with the health systems, with healthcare professionals and with technologies?
▪ Are healthcare systems ready for the Patient 2.0? Main barriers and challenges and how to overcome them.
▪ The role of governments, patient associations and civil society on empowering citizens/patients.
▪ The role of the Patient 2.0 beyond its own health: involvement in research, innovation, legal, regulatory and policy-making processes.

Ana Paula Martins | President, Ordem dos Farmacêuticos

Carlos Amaral | CEO, Priberam

03:20 PM

Active ageing

Keynote speaker:
Hugo Gamboa | Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer Portugal;  Professor, UNL; President, PLUX

Discussion topics:
▪ Transforming health and care systems for active and healthy ageing: case studies and best practices.
▪ Multimorbidities and integrated care in the elderly: main challenges and how to overcome them.
▪ The role of innovative technologies in active and healthy ageing.
▪ Knowledge translation for active and healthy ageing.

Fernando Ribeiro Mendes | President, Cidadania Social

João Malva | Scientific Coordinator, Ageing@Coimbra

04:10 PM

From Vision to Action: The Portuguese Health Cluster Shaping the Future of Health and Care

Salvador de Mello | President, HCP

04:20 PM

Closing session

Jamila Madeira | Secretary of State Assistant and of Health